Phoenix Psychological Assessments and Testing

Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic Evaluations are commonly conducted with individuals who lack diagnostic clarity.  Clinical interviewing and psychological tests are utilized to create a clear diagnostic psychological profile to create an effective treatment approach.

The problems assessed include, but are not limited to:

  • ADHD
  • Learning/Academic problems
  • Disruptive behaviors
  • Motivation/Concentration
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Communication problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Diagnostic clarification for complex psycho-social and/or behavioral problems

Typically, a diagnostic evaluation requires you to attend 1 to 1.5 hour-long intake appointment, and one or two testing appointments that may last 3-6 hours each. This is followed by a final session to review the results.

Personality Assessment

Personality Assessment is designed to uncover fundamental elements of an individual’s character and personality.

Includes a 45-60 minute clinical interview and an additional two hours for testing. Often, only one appointment is required. If you were referred by another provider as part of your treatment the results will be sent to that clinician. If you request a feedback session it would be at additional cost (average 30-60min).

Pre-Operative Evaluation

Pre-operative behavioral health assessment can identify psychosocial risk factors and make recommendations to both the client and surgical group that are aimed at facilitating the best possible outcome for the patient. To ensure best outcome possible, you should be both medically and psychologically stable prior to surgery.

**For patients seeking either bariatric surgery or spinal cord surgery. Involves clinical diagnostic interview, psychological testing, and written report sent to your surgeon. Includes 45-60 minutes with me and an additional 1-2 hours for testing. Often, only one appointment is required. In some cases, a follow-up appointment is required at additional cost. These types of tests are generally requested by another provider, therefore a feedback session is not typically provided.

Intelligence Testing

Intelligence Testing is conducted by using intelligence tests to identify cognitive strengths, weaknesses, and developmental delays.

Includes clinical interview, full-scale IQ testing, score report, and 30-minute feedback session.

Questions About Psychotherapy

Why have testing?

A psychological evaluation can diagnose a number of emotional, behavioral, or developmental impairments as well as indicate cognitive strengths. A thorough evaluation includes a clinical interview where detailed behavioral and psychiatric histories are collected. In addition to the interview, psychological testing may be administered. These factors are assessed to identify the root of any present challenges and determine the best means of moving forward in treatment.

What to expect during a psych eval

All evaluations, unless specified, require an initial appointment (typically 60-90 minutes) during which I will talk to you about your symptoms and gather information about you. I will select test(s) based on your symptoms. If self-report tests are selected, you may be able to complete these tests in the office immediately after your initial interview. Any testing requiring direct administration by me will be scheduled for a later date. You may have an additional feedback session during which I will go over your testing results, discuss any diagnosis made, and provide treatment recommendations.

Intake Paperwork

Intake paperwork is located on the patient portal site and must be completed 48/hr prior to the intake interview. If paperwork is not completed, the session will be rescheduled for another date and time. Often time there is a great deal of information required to create a thorough psychological report. In order to keep cost to you down for the clinical interview and testing sessions the intake paperwork would need to be completely filled out prior to the session.

Cost of a psychological tests

Please keep in mind that fees for evaluations include not only the time I spend with you directly, but also my time scoring and interpreting tests and preparing a written report. I will spend additional time on the evaluation when you are not present.