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In the Spotlight

Bliss Beyond F.E.A.R. Self-Care and Mental Wellness with Dr. Michelle Mugge | Thursday, July 30th

 Episode highlights:

 Depression, anxiety, and trauma are common, and therapy can make a positive impact

 Honest expression is important in relationships – emotions are valid and shouldn’t be suppressed

Vulnerable conversations and active listening are the foundation for healthy relationships

 Self-care encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual well-being

Self-care includes acknowledging/expressing your emotions and taking actions to nurture them

  It’s important to be intentional about dedicating time to yourself to preserve your well-being

Examples of impactful work done in therapy:

Assessing where trauma stems from (e.g., relational experiences)

Recognizing unhealthy patterns to determine how to breakthrough and shift them

Role-playing to practice new behavior such as authentic communication


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