Divorce/Breakup Group Therapy

8-Week Workshop


  1. Introduction & goal setting
  2. Honoring You
  3. Visualize what is possible
  4. Learn what needs to be nourished
  5. Priorities
  6. Finding your personal power
  7. Honoring your new norm
  8. Celebrating you

When a marriage ends, it can be traumatic for everyone involved. Divorce can be mentally, physically, and financially demanding. To cope with this, it’s importance get in touch with the grief and guilt surrounding the divorce. Participating in group therapy can provide an important opportunity to develop skills and a support system during this difficult time as you adjust to life as a single woman/mom.

The process of sharing personal information with the group and learning from others’ stories is the foundation of a successful group therapy session. Interaction based on similar experiences is just one way in which group therapy differs from couples or family therapy. Although it is possible to schedule a therapeutic session with a small group of people with whom you have existing relationships, group therapy works best by helping individuals to reach outside of their existing social circles to connect with strangers dealing with similar issues. The fundamental goal of group therapy is to initiate a sense of belonging or relatability through understanding, which is achieved by sharing common experiences.


  • Participants can receive support and encouragement from others, making them feel less isolated.
  • Group members can act as role models and learn from other members.
  • Group therapy is generally cheaper than individual therapy, since the therapist’s time is shared with other clients.
  • A safe environment allows group members to practice new behavior without fear of judgment.
  • The therapist can observe each group member’s interaction with others and
  • provide more targeted feedback and suggestions to each client.

Closed groups are those in which all members begin the group at the same time with a specific start and end date.


  • Consistent and predictable
  • Can be more cohesive and intimate
  • Easier to balance immediate needs of the group members

Register for group

In order to determine appropriateness and suitability for this type of group I require each potential client to participate in a FREE 30min consultation that would be completed over the phone. Once we determine that this is a good match, each client will fill out the necessary intake paperwork prior to the start of the group. All of this is convenient and easily accessible through the online patient portal site.

There is limited space with each group. Therefore, contact me now in order to secure your place. As soon as we have 6 clients registered you will receive confirmation of the start date.